EMHSEl Modena High School (Orange, CA)
EMHSEastern Maine Healthcare Systems
EMHSEmergency Management Homeland Security (various organizations)
EMHSElementary, Middle and High School (various locations)
EMHSEast Meadow High School
EMHSEdmond Memorial High School (Oklahoma)
EMHSElkhart Memorial High School (Indiana)
EMHSEmmerich Manual High School
EMHSEmergency Mental Health Services (Victoria, British Columbia)
EMHSErnest Manning High School (Calgary, Alberta)
EMHSEmergency Management Hazards Survey
EMHSEast Melbourne Historical Society (Australia)
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Chosen by the federal government as one of 15 pilots throughout the country, EMHS received funding to assist in the development of measurable improvements in health care quality, safety and efficiency.
In January 2012, representatives from each EMHS practice and IT staff were meeting weekly to address large-scale, burgeoning change.
Starting last July, every adult admitted to an EMHS hospital is expected to have a VTE risk assessment documented within 24 hours of admission.
The zero-defect concept is actually part of a much broader vision that EMHS President and CEO Michelle Hood laid out when she arrived in Maine in 2006: to be the best rural health system in the country by 2012.
While EMHS has set systemwide goals, individual hospitals have flexibility to home in on a specific area.
Iyad Sabbagh, senior medical director at EMHS Beacon Health.
Critical to the program s success are registered nurses, employed by EMHS Beacon Health and embedded in the primary care practices, who will serve as clinical care coordinators and help patients with chronic conditions or other health challenges navigate the health care system.
In addition to IM, EMHS relies on the POD's secure file sharing capabilities to distribute topographical maps that are often too large to be shared through email.
As a government organization, EMHS required an affordable solution without placing a heavy burden on our IT department," said Judson Freed, Director of Ramsey County's Emergency Management and Homeland Security Department.
With Omnipod's advanced presence detection and multiple messaging gateways, EMHS is able to send a single message and know it will reach an emergency worker no matter where they are, whether by way of their computer, cell phone or wireless device," said Gideon Stein, CEO, Omnipod.
NTT/VERIO EMHS enables companies to build their server solution on a selected operating system (OS) and application platform.
In addition to NTT/VERIO EMHS and the new class of server solutions that come with it, new offerings being released today include: