EMIAExport Marketing and Investment Assistance (Global Africa Network Pty. Ltd.)
EMIAEcole Militaire Inter-Armes (French)
EMIAExecutive Master in Internal Auditing (post academic title in The Netherlands)
EMIAEducators Mutual Insurance Association
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Online, multimedia is the way of the future, and EMIA has embarked on this path with its clear commitment to offer the latest information in a variety of formats.
Thanks to consolidated partnerships with prominent publications in the field of emerging & frontier market investment, particularly Alternative Emerging Investor magazine, EMIA helps members stand out from the crown of investors.
Unlike many other preprofessional summer programs, EMIA presents two student choreography shows in addition to the four end-of-week performances.
In addition to two user group conferences in the Middle East (in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates), EMIA conferences were held in Benelux, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
The Indian market is a very strategic market for Intergraph, and our Process, Power & Marine (PP&M) division's portfolio is there to answer customer specific demands," said Philippe Marceau, Intergraph PP&M executive vice president for EMIA.
Ken Ryan, who will serve as Director of Sales EMIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa).
Open Competition: The Execution Of Works On The Development, Implementation And Technical Support Of Special Software Subsystem Conduct Basic Registers And Registers Of Certain Groups Of Patients EMIAS Defense In 2015
Open Competition: Provision of services for the implementation of the Consolidated UI automated information system of the City of Moscow emias of Moscow in the medical institutions of the state of the health system of the city of Moscow in 2015-2016 (Moscow Health Department)