EMIBEnergy Management Information Base
EMIBEnterprise Messaging and Infrastructure Branch
EMIBExecutive Master of International Business
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The Intel Stratix 10 FPGA family utilizes Intel's 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process and incorporates state-of-the-art packaging technology, including EMIB.
The day also included a presentation from the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade commander on EMIB operations and enabling capabilities.
Team Albert play against Team Kenda, Team EMIB go against Team Becky, Team Melba battle Team Summerland and 10 Cups Resto face Team BTTB.
Intel had originally developed the EMIB as an alternative to what's known as a silicon interposer, the "floor" or "foundation" of a multichip module.
BTTB ended the league with the team high game of 1,083 pins, while EMIB registered the team high series of 2,997 pins.
There are theoretical advantages to using EMIB as opposed to a silicon interposer.
In other matches, Ynnah beat Team Egay 3-1 (2,714-2,439), BTTB Travel beat a no show Team JM 4-0 (2,780-0), and EMIB salvaged a 2-2 draw with Gharib Engineering (2,801-2,773).
EMIB technology uses a small high-performance, high-density silicon bridge to connect multiple die together in a single package.
By co-locating and integrating EMIB Soldiers with the AIB/PED CoE, we will ensure the same training is available to all PED Soldiers and ensures no MI Soldier is at rest.
In other matches, Team JM beat Team Ynnah 4-0 (2,797-2,498); Team EMIB swept Team Bernard 4-0 (2,854-2,634); and Eastern Precast defeated Team Egay 3-1 (2,781-2,598).
In other matches, Team Egay defeated Team Ynnah 3-1 (2,637-2,615), Team Kenda beat Team Bernard 3-1 (2,777-2,701), Team SCB overcame Team Eastern Asphalt 3-1 (2,606-2,565), and Team Gharib Engineering beat Team EMIB 3-1 (2,967-2,866).
Tenders are invited for supply of Eigen Mike Microphone Array with EMIB interface.