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EMICEagle Mountain International Church (Newark, Texas)
EMICEuropean Microsoft Innovation Center (Aachen, Germany)
EMICEnvironmental Mutagen Information Center (database)
EMICElectromagnetic Ion Cyclotron
EMICEarth System Model of Intermediate Complexity
EMICElectromagnetic Interference Compatibility
EMICElectromagnetics MIcrowave Communication
EMICEnter Missing Involuntary (child disappearance; NCIC form datum)
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At the same time, Microsoft is funding several internal projects at EMIC focusing on areas such as XML (Extensible Markup Language) signatures and mobile Web services, according to Saintoyant.
We see emics as a useful way of extending the extant etic-driven cross-cultural research and we will combine the etics and emic perspectives in this paper.
2003) tested that possibility by first using a dialogical empirical procedure to translate etic Religious Fundamentalism items into more emic Christian language (Watson, 2008a).
Note in emic discourse the terms "women" and "home" are synonymous and indicative of high sex segregation when compared to "men's work pattern" (most outdoor jobs) and "maintenance pattern.
The idea works very nicely here, as an element in the author's overall strategy of analysis, but its emic validity remains questionable.
Assuredly, given the limited nature of our sample, the nebulous 'fuzzy' nature of the kreng jai concept and the intrinsically incomparable nature of emic research (e.
Under Intac Purun's existing relationship with the EMIC, Intac Purun had been granted exclusive access to the database on university graduates maintained by the EMIC for use by Intac Purun in providing job training and placement services.
is my own attempt to grasp and understand the emic of biblical culture and, though I follow what may be called sound scientific principles and criteria in divining this emic view, the resultant picture might not be convincing for all scholars in the field.
Jeffery seems partial to emic research strategies, writing as if answers elicited from native informants were more worth knowing.
Tender notice number : NCB 05 EMIC / ORDRIPW_4/2014_15 2015_CEMIB_22495_1
Among the topics: emic storytelling, blog analyses of international visitors' experiences, cross-cultural heterogeneity in tourist decision making, fashion branding in Asia, emic interpretations of global gaming destinations, methods for modeling tourism inter-organizational systems, and narrative analysis for decoding marketer-customer interactions in hospitality contexts.
What is missing is the dual emic and etic perspective, the etic referring to using cultural-general constructs for studying cultural differences while emic focusing on cultural-specific perspective from within the culture, according to Derrida (1992).