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EMIFExternal Memory Interface (integrated circuits, microprocessors)
EMIFEuropean Meetings Industry Fair (est. 2002; Brussels, Belgium)
EMIFESCON Multiple Image Facility (IBM)
EMIFElectronic Monitoring of Insect Feeding
EMIFEvent Model Interface
EMIFElectro Magnetic Interference Filter
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Then the data is fed into a Stratix II EP2S90 FPGA using the DSPs EMIF port.
4) Unlike the MMP93, the EMIF asks migrants about the method used to remit money home, allowing us to learn about immigrants' preferences for using banks or other methods for periodically remitting funds home.
ESCON, EMIF and FICON are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation.
0 full-speed port for PC connectivity, three MCBSP ports, three timers, I2C bus, six-channel DMA, 16-bit EMIF, and 36 GPIO.
In addition, this connectivity enables users to fully exploit the extended connectivity that EMIF (ESCON Multiple Image Function) offers.
BroadMotion was able to speed development of their FPGA+DSP implementation using Altera's Cyclone II DSP kit and TI EMIF reference design.