EMIGEmergency Medicine Interest Group
EMIGElectronic Media Interest Group (est. 1995; National Art Education Association)
EMIGEnvironmental Management Investment Group (New York)
EMIGEuropean Market Intelligence Group
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The EMIG cognitive test covers the areas of applied anatomy and physiology, endoscopic principles, patient selection, instrumentation, energy sources, operating room/equipment setup, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and complications.
Most immediately, for practicing gynecologic surgeons, EMIG will give them the opportunity to demonstrate and validate their laparoscopic skills.
Development of the cognitive portion of EMIG is the first step of an AAGL-led effort that will ensure that gynecology meets the need for a standardized, demonstrable set of skills.
The EMIG test is specifically focused on gynecology and includes hysteroscopy.
Eventually, it is hoped, a standardized core curriculum--based on the EMIG knowledge base--will be developed and incorporated into residency programs, as it has for general surgery.
This project is for technical assistance in the geoscientific field, including technical assistance to the unit 'Sigmines' (geological and mining information system) and for the creation of a geomatics section at the College of Mining, Industry and Geology (EMIG) in Niamey, technical assistance for modernisation and organisation of document management at the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), technical assistance for prospecting, geological mapping and ground-based monitoring of geophysical and/or geochemical anomalies in Damagaram-Mounio and South Maradi (30 000 km2), assistance with refurbishing and extending the EMIG laboratories.