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EMILExecutive Masters in International Logistics (Georgia Tech)
EMILEuropean Molecular Imaging Laboratories (EU)
EMILElbit Medical Imaging Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel)
EMILEndoscopic Microcapsule Locomotion (robot)
EMILEaster, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (times to fertilizer the lawn)
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Emil Gluck's confession, six years later, cleared the unfortunate policeman of disgrace, and he is alive to-day and in good health, the recipient of a handsome pension from the city.
At the time, this was the unsolved problem of wireless telegraphy--as it still is to-day--but Emil Gluck, in his prison cell, mastered it.
It was Emil Gluck that caused the terrible German-American War, with the loss of 800,000 lives and the consumption of almost incalculable treasure.
And on that night Emil Gluck, alone, with all his apparatus on board, was out in a launch.
In the meanwhile Emil Gluck, the malevolent wizard and arch-hater, travelled his whirlwind path of destruction.
In the late fall of that year Emil Gluck made a clean sweep of the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Florida.
And then Silas Bannerman, a secret service agent of the United States, leaped into world-fame by arresting Emil Gluck.
When the Plutonic arrived off Sandy Hook she was boarded by Bannerman from a Government tug, and Emil Gluck was made a prisoner.
Emil Capital Partners is backed by European retail group Tengelmann.
The bridge was felled in a controlled implosion that occurred just 25 feet from Emil Realty's buildings.
But the figure I truly hope gets more attention, perhaps in Kegler's next book, is Emil Sahlin.
After World War II, Emil met Elena in Slovenia, where he was searching for any surviving family members.