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EMIMExpected Mutual Information Measure
EMIMEvery Member in Ministry (First United Methodist Church)
EMIMExecutive Master in Information Management (University of Amsterdam; Netherlands)
EMIMEthyl Methyl Imidazolium
EMIMEuropean Movement in Montenegro
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The cellulose dissolved with EMIM DEP retained some of its coloration but regenerated into purer cellulose than from ILs with [Ac.
From the eleven ILs used for dissolving cellulose only six (AMIMCl, BMIMCl, EMIMCl, BMIMAc, EMIMAc, EMIM DEP) were able to dissolve it to make 10 wt% solutions while one (BMpyCl) degraded the cellulose.
According to the literature, most popular ILs used to dissolve cellulose under conventional heating (<100[degrees]C) are imidazolium-based ones: AMIMCl, BMIMCl, BMIMAc, EMIMAc, EMIMCl, EMIM DEP (Fukaya et al.
We should point out that the above cooccurrence metric is different from well-known metrics such as EMIM (expected mutual information measure) [Church and Hanks 1989; van Rijsbergen 1979], cosine [Salton 1989], and so forth.
We can estimate EMIM between two terms using the technique proposed by van Rijsbergen [1979].
6) We are not concerned here with the computations necessary to the evaluation of EMIM between every pair of terms.
The metric is a variation of EMIM (expected mutual information measure) [Church and Hanks 1989; van Rijsbergen 1979], which is widely used to measure significance of associations.
The reason we choose not to use EMIM is that it is not normalized over the number of occurrences of a and b and unfairly favors high-frequency word forms.