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EMINEMM&M (Marshall Mathers; music artist)
EMINEMEvery Mother Is Nice Except Mine
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While accepting the Favourite Album award, she said that competing against Eminem and winning it meant a lot to her.
The fact that the Royal Parks turned Eminem down is their loss, frankly.
Not unlike "The Marshall Mathers LP'' he delivered 13 years earlier, the 41-year-old Motor City rapper and self-declared "boogie monster of rap'' delivers his frenetic wordplay at breakneck speed while unflinchingly skewering his rap rivals and critics, airing his dirty laundry and unmercifully snarling his potty mouth rants about the endless burden of being Eminem.
Hailie's Song sees Eminem trying out his singing technique.
As for Brittany, she and Eminem began dating some time ago and he introduces her as "Slim Shady's girl".
There were also stories of Eminem throwing tantrums on the set until Hanson warned he would quit if this behaviour continued.
With his gift for crossover appeal (though he's crossing class, not race lines), it's fitting that Eminem hails from Detroit, the city where Berry Gordy first came up with his formula for selling black music to white America.
Nominated for Best Song for his film 8 Mile, Eminem refused to attend, sparking rumours he was angry he'd been asked to perform a cleaned-up version of Lose Yourself.
Eminem says he's focusing on his music and spending quality time with his daughter Hailie in suburban Detroit and trying to cope with major stardom.
Mathers and Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, married in June 1999.
Eminem has said that anyone could tell he was joking.
What Cheney and a host of other critics either won't or can't acknowledge is that Eminem is not merely a bestseller; he's also one of the best pop artists of his time.