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EMINENTEarly Market Introduction of New Energy Technologies
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His son lacked not merely the father's eminent position, but the talent and force of character to achieve it: he could, therefore, effect nothing by dint of political interest; and the bare justice or legality of the claim was not so apparent, after the Colonel's decease, as it had been pronounced in his lifetime.
Fifty or more of the most eminent lawyers of that day tried to demolish these arguments, and failed.
I ran across him in the street and congratulated him on the knighthood with which his eminent services during the war had been rewarded.
They had been conspicuous judges and admirals, lawyers and servants of the State for some years before the richness of the soil culminated in the rarest flower that any family can boast, a great writer, a poet eminent among the poets of England, a Richard Alardyce; and having produced him, they proved once more the amazing virtues of their race by proceeding unconcernedly again with their usual task of breeding distinguished men.
Very different was the treatment of the eminent Mrs.
Baron Rivar, after inquiry at the consul's, secured the services of Doctor Bruno, well known as an eminent physician in Venice; with the additional recommendation of having resided in England, and having made himself acquainted with English forms of medical practice.
He gave a great start, fearing for the previously- mentioned eminent respectability of the place.
They had been doing this for some time, when an Eminent Statesman stuck his head out of the pool of politics, and, speaking for the members of his profession, said:
AN eminent Justice of the Supreme Court of Patagascar was accused of having obtained his appointment by fraud.
is its abundant illustrative quotations from eminent poets, chief of
The eminent physician whom I had called in to superintend the treatment behaved admirably.
It is certain that several of our eminent breeders have, even within a single lifetime, modified to a large extent some breeds of cattle and sheep.