EMIPExpedited Modernization Initiative Procedure (procedure to expedite deliveries of new equipment to deployed units)
EMIPEuropean Myocardial Infarction Project (clinical trial)
EMIPEmergency Management Institute of the Philippines (National Defense College of the Philippines)
EMIPEnvironmental Management Implementation Plan
EMIPAsociación de Empresarios Inmobiliarios de Puebla
EMIPEngineer Model Improvement Program
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The great thing about the EMIP demos is that it provides a focused and standardized approach," said John Mcleish, the Army's assistant project manager for EMIP.
The tank-automotive and armaments command (TACOM) considers the EMIP a key part of its effort to identify and leverage industry's investments in advanced technologies and speed them to the field.
said that for potential contractors, the EMIP is a good opportunity to display the company's new technologies to Army program managers.
Under the EMIP process, suppliers were asked to submit white papers, which were due in November.
EMIP is part of a broader "truck strategy" that has been in the works for a couple of years, and for which the Army has added $2 billion over the next five years.
EMIP intends to boost innovation by opening up the market to more competitors.
The EMIP process will mainly address those component technologies that can be available for production within 6 months of completion of verification testing.
In 2006, the EMIP program had successfully conducted 58 demos at TACOM.
Gagerman added, "Our participation with the EMIP is part of our strategy to create awareness across all military and government agencies as to the VIPER's superior performance with reduced weight and its ability to be readily integrated into many different platforms at a very competitive cost.