EMIRAEnhanced Minimum Interference Routing Algorithm
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Emira, who wears a head scarf, described her experience: "And they told me that [the manager] .
Emira and ONE for this venture will introduce a specialised fund the Enyuka Property Fund.
If neither BDI nor Emira Mehmeti returns the mandate, then we will demand Ermira Mehmeti not to run at the next parliamentary elections," the reaction reads.
Na pocatku srpna se na internetu objevila zprava, ze Dokka Umarov dobrovolne uvolnuje post emira Emiratu Kavkaz a svym naslednikem jmenuje Vadalova.
Nadia Emira joined protesters, holding a poster of her son, Mohamed Ibrahim, who she claims was sentenced to three years and 300 lashes.
Emira was the last of the turtles tagged on Zirqu island on a cool yet humid night.
Cosmos are offering a seven-night B&B break for two adults and two children sharing a family room in Tunisia at the three-star Emira Hotel in Hammamet from pounds 366pp, leaving August 21 from Gatwick and including transfers.
Citons aussi Emira, femme au foyer et mere bochniaque d'un jeune homme tue par des Croates, qui raconte, entre incomprehension et amertume, que son << parrain de coupe de cheveux1 (10) etait Croate, il aurait du nous avertir >>.
In this way, he would help the state return the money from the unpaid tax and he could possibly improve his bad image as Emira Mehmeti did with the "I am A1 too" badge.
Emira Woods, a director at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that the information included in the report is not new to most Liberians.
Renata, a former care assistant, combines study with motherhood and also works part-time with her sister, Emira Bolic, at her nail and beauty parlour, Emira's, in Batley.