EMISEducation Management Information System
EMISEuropean Mathematical Information Service
EMISEnvironmental Management Information System
EMISEgton Medical Information Systems
EMISElectromagnetic Isotope Separation
EMISEmergency Management Information System
EMISElectronic Management Infomation System
EMISEnergie en Milieu Informatiesysteem voor het Vlaamse Gewest (Belgium)
EMISEquipment Management Information System
EMISExecutive Management Information System(s)
EMISEuropean Medical Informatics Society
EMISElectrical Mechanical Instrument Services (UK)
EMISEscuela de Medicina Ignacio Santos (Spanish: Ignacio Santos School of Medicine; Mexico)
EMISEnforcement Management Information System
EMISEmployee Management Information System
EMISExternal Message Interface System
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Companies are demanding EMIS providers that bring both environmental skills and information skills; technology alone will not hold the day.
EMIS recently announced that it had reacquired the development and marketing rights to oral heparin from Elan Corporation, with which EMIS had developed a joint venture.
SmallCaps Online LLC and/or any of its affiliates may have performed investment banking, consulting or other services for EMIS and may solicit investment banking, consulting or other business from, any company mentioned in this release.