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3) observed at 223, 222, and 253 K for PPy grown from EMIPFSI, EMITF and control solutions respectively, is representative of the transition temperature, above which a change in conduction mechanism is indicated.
The almost zero slopes with small fluctuations of W versus log T plots in the 78-230 K range indicate that the films grown in control, and EMITF solutions are on the metallic side of the metal-insulator transition with these two being closer to the critical regime (36).
The localization length in this temperature regime was calculated to be 48 nm for the control film and ~17 and 33 nm for the films derived from the EMIPFSI and EMITF, respectively.
At high temperatures, above 300 K, the metallic behavior for the films grown in EMIPFSI and EMITF remain unaltered, though the conductivity increases to some extent.