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EMITSElectronic Mail Invitation to Tender System
EMITSElectronic Mail Interface to Technical Support (SAS Institute, Inc.)
EMITSEnvironmental Monitoring of an Integrated Transport Strategy
EMITSEmergency Mobile Intelligent Telephone System
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It could emit, at will, a certain portion of the water, and it appears, therefore, probable that this fluid is taken in partly for the sake of regulating its specific gravity.
I wonder if they realize that in natural forests, trees topple and rot; and rotting vegetation emits tons of methane gas, while our trees are cut for lumber and paper?
Coal emissions are higher than for any other fossil fuel: A natural gas plant emits just 42 percent as much CO2 as a conventional coal plant.
Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd has already test-shipped a conventional-type, blue-light laser chip, which emits a thin ray of light from the side.
For emission units with a potential to emit (after control) that is greater than or equal to any major source threshold, the following criteria applies:
July 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Two AT&T Bell Laboratories research teams -- one based at Murray Hill, the other at Holmdel, New Jersey, have reported significant progress in a new field of electronics that uses organic semiconductors to emit light in different colors and to transmit data photonically.
In contrast, a 1992 vehicle, driven that same distance, emits about 100 pounds of exhaust hydrocarbons over a similar lifetime.
For regions with a "Moderate" level of pollution by EPA definition, a major source is one that emits 100 TPY, and is allowed six years for compliance.
Larger chips tend to be less efficient than smaller devices because large LEDs scatter a greater proportion of their light sideways and so emit less light directly toward the viewer.
73 million commercial and residential lawn mowers, blowers and other utility tools emit 22 tons per day of volatile organic compounds - more than is put out by all the aircraft in the South Coast Air Basin, officials said.
If a "closed molder," under the "best possible" assumptions, emits styrene amounting to 2% of its resin usage, it would hit the 10,000-lb limit if it used 500,000 lb/yr of resin.
However, the biodiesel plants that produce biodiesel do emit GWG because they require heating input usually from natural gas, which is not renewable and emits CO(2), and they also require electricity from local utilities, which emit CO(2), and finally the chemical processes uses 10% methanol (wood alcohol) usually supplied from sources outside the U.