EMIXEnterprise Mix
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* OASIS Energy Market Information Exchange (EMIX) (14) and Energy Interoperation (15) standards, which formed the basis for modeling market interactions, and;
The company's cloud-based information systems include: eMix for medical image exchange, a complete certified ambulatory EHR, and an enterprise patient portal.
eMix Instant Sender, part of eMix Version 2.0, allows a doctor, medical facility or attorney to quickly and confidentially exchange medical imaging exams, reports and other information to any recipient online.
Ethernet MIX (EMIX) frame sizes supported per service - up to 7 frame sizes can be defined per service
IPTransit through Emix, UAE's Internet exchange, the region's most important IP
"Etisalat is the first in the region to offer IPTransit through Emix, UAE's internet exchange, the region's most important IP Transit facility.
In addition, the company will be demonstrating two new features of eMix, its vendor-neutral, cloud-based service for sharing medical imaging studies and reports.
Meanwhile, eMix (a subsidiary of the San Diego-based DR Systems), an electronic information exchange company, was about to begin beta testing and needed testers.
(e) Composition of vitamin mineral mix (EMIX PLUS) (quantity/2.5 kg): vitamin A 5,500,000 IU; vitamin D3 1,100,000 IU; vitamin [B.sub.2] 2,000 mg; vitamin E 750 mg; vitamin K 1,000 mg; vitamin [B.sub.6] 1,000 mg; vitamin [B.sub.12] 6 mg; calcium pantothenate 2,500 mg; nicotinamide 10 g; choline chloride 150 g; Mn 27,000 mg; I 1,000 mg; Fe 7,500 mg; Zn 5,000 mg; Cu 2,000 mg; Co 450 mg; Ca 500 g; P 300 g; 1-lysine, 10 g; dl-methionine 10 g; selenium 50 ppm.
It is also extending its vast resources and expertise to other ISPs, mobile operators and carriers across the world by offering managed services for roaming (Roaming Replicator) and capacity management through the Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX).