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EMLEcological Metadata Language (XML markup vocabulary for describing ecological data)
EMLEnvironmental Measurements Laboratory
EMLEssential Medicines List (WHO)
EMLEnterprise Modular Library (software)
EMLElection Markup Language
EMLEuropean Media Laboratory GmbH
EMLError Management Logic
EMLElement Management Layer
EMLElectronic Mail
EMLElectro Magnetic Laboratory
EMLEnterprise Modular Library
EMLExpress Mail
EMLElectronic Mail (file name extension)
EMLEicher Motors. Ltd. (India)
EMLEstimated Maximum Loss (insurance)
EMLElite Model Look (Russian contest)
EMLEmail Mailing List
EMLElement Management Layer (SONET)
EMLEducational Modeling Language
EMLEquipements Matériels Lourds (French: Major Medical Equipment)
EMLExceeds Mechanical Limits (odomoters)
EMLElectromagnetic Launcher
EMLEnvironmental Morale Leave
EMLEquipment Maintenance Log
EMLEmail Me Later
EMLEntreprises Métalliques Loncle (French metal company)
EMLElevated Mixed Layer
EMLElectromagnetic Levitation
EMLElectro-Absorption Modulated Laser
EMLEmissive Layer
EMLÉcole de Musique de Lamorlaye (French music school)
EMLEnglish, Modern Language (education department)
EMLÉcole de Musique des Lorraines (French music school)
EMLElectromagnetic Laboratory (various locations)
EMLExtended Money Laundering
EMLExact Maximum Likelihood (algorithm)
EMLÉlectricité Maintenance Levage (French: Electrical Maintenance Lifting)
EMLEntretien Motivationnel en Ligne (French: Motivational Online Interview; Switzerland)
EMLExtramedullary Leukemia
EMLElectromagnetic Log
EMLEducation Markup Language
EMLEngineering Mechanics Laboratory
EMLEmployee Management Ltd (UK)
EMLElectronic Marker Locating
EMLEquatorial Magnetosphere Laboratory
EMLEuro Money Line (online forum)
EMLEvil Manic Laugh
EMLExplain More Later
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Suppliers of electronic voting systems profit from EML by reducing their development costs," noted Patrick Gannon, president and CEO of OASIS.
High-speed EMLs are ideal for long distance transmission due to their small chirp and low chromatic dispersion in fiber.
Many countries have adopted the concept of essential medicines and have developed lists of their own, using the EML as a guide.
As EML deploys its MSS/CGC network, 3GPP specifications will enable EML to obtain economies of scale from a regionally harmonized frequency band, and will ensure that European consumers benefit from the more cost-effective network enabled by the 3GPP regional standard.
ewingii, and the EML pathogen by using a modified version of a multiplex PCR assay targeting a conserved region of the groEL heat-shock protein operon (13) (online Technical Appendix Table 1, http://wwwnc.
VECV was established by EML and the Volvo Group in 2008, and has made major investment in plants for medium-duty engines, buses and paint, culminating in the launch of its Pro Series of trucks and buses in early 2014.
The statement pointed out that the EML is based on the actual needs for 2014, taking into consideration the stocks already available in the country and planned WHO supplies, noting that funding requirement is based on international prices and best procurement practices.
Hence, greater use of the EML aids in rational use of medicines.
In addition, EML has developed a proprietary comparable property (comp) scoring methodology that analyzes hundreds of fields of data for each subject property and chosen comps, and provides a statistical scoring of the relative fit for each comp.
The deal will be carried out as a reversed takeover, which is subject to clearance by EML shareholders, the buyer said.
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