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EMLEcological Metadata Language (XML markup vocabulary for describing ecological data)
EMLElection Markup Language
EMLEuropean Media Laboratory GmbH
EMLElectronic Mail (file name extension)
EMLElite Model Look (Russian contest)
EMLElement Management Layer (SONET)
EMLEducational Modeling Language
EMLElectromagnetic Launcher
EMLElevated Mixed Layer
EMLElectromagnetic Levitation
EMLElectro-Absorption Modulated Laser
EMLEmissive Layer
EMLExact Maximum Likelihood (algorithm)
EMLExtramedullary Leukemia
EMLElectromagnetic Log
EMLEducation Markup Language
EMLEngineering Mechanics Laboratory
EMLEmployee Management Ltd (UK)
EMLElectronic Marker Locating
EMLEquatorial Magnetosphere Laboratory
EMLExplain More Later
EMLEvil Manic Laugh
EMLEnvironmental Measurements Laboratory
EMLEnglish, Modern Language (education department)
EMLEssential Medicines List (WHO)
EMLEnvironmental Morale Leave
EMLEstimated Maximum Loss (insurance)
EMLEquipment Maintenance Log
EMLExtended Money Laundering
EMLEmail Me Later
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ewingii, and the EML pathogen by using a modified version of a multiplex PCR assay targeting a conserved region of the groEL heat-shock protein operon (13) (online Technical Appendix Table 1, http://wwwnc.
EML has effective vendor management oversight in place for selecting, qualifying, and assessing vendor performance.
V2015 also includes a new product, the Reactis for EML Plugin, that integrates with Reactis to offer white-box testing of the portions of a model implemented using Embedded MATLAB (EML).
In parallel with its joint venture, EML also owns the Royal Enfield motorbike brand.
The first EML for the Syrian Arab Republic was launched in February 2013 quantifying the needs in terms of products and funding support.
We wanted to assess prescribing pattern and compliance of medicines prescribed and sold in the private health facilities with the EML," Dr Vandana Roy, from MAMC said.
EML is currently using nationwide MLS and public records data to develop a suite of analytical reporting products.
interest of Ferrum in CMC Guernsey will provide Ferrum and EML with an opportunity to realise an early stage discovery, depending on exploration success, which could have the potential to achieve production within a few years and create significant shareholder value.
Document viewing technology provider Adeptol said today that its Document Viewer will support viewing of Outlook MSG (in HTML and plain text formats) and EML messages without the need to have an e-mail client on the server or client machine.
John Riley/The Bitter/ Withy base batch stamp: N C37/1590 [originally] lid: [black] box 1909 Herefordshire C37/56 orther number: lable; good for / 8; [in cylinder] 27 30 secs [space] 8 [c] / There Is an Ale house / Dance Tunes / played by Locke box label vertical: Cracked base: There is / an ale house / Gipsy / Locke / [begin strikethrough] Sh--pskins / [end strikethrough] Hornpipes Collection number Collector Dubbing / References / Notes C37/1585 [originally EML C37/1585:BLSA call no.
Daimler's share in EML was earlier held by Eicher's technology partner, Mitsubishi Motors of Japan.
In addition, EML will be recruiting manufacturing/quality assurance experts by the targeted operation launch in FY 2008.