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EMLAEutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics
EMLAEstudios Migratorios LatinoAmericanos
EMLAEnvironmental Management and Law Association
EMLAEuropean Medical Laser Association
EMLAElectro-Mechanical Linear Actuator
EMLAEthnic Minority Language and Achievement (UK education)
EMLAEuropean Master of Landscape Architecture
EMLAEmergency Medical Locators for Adoptees
EMLAEanes Multisensory Language Arts
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Both 4% liposomal lidocaine and EMLA proved more effective than placebo, tetracaine gel, or butacaine gel in eliminating pain from laser test spots on the forearms of 10 adults, but pain scores were lowest with liposomal lidocaine in a 1999 study.
ELA-Max is easier to use than EMLA since it requires only 30 minutes to reach maximal effectiveness.
EMLA cream (Astra USA Westborough Mass) is a eutectic mixture of 2.
The infants who received the glucose water appeared to experience less pain than those who received the EMLA cream.
Group C: This group included 20 patients in whom venous cannulation was performed without EMLA cream, placebo, or any occlusive dressing.
4% (15/51) when EMLA was used, whereas those without any analgesia or sedation had a proportion of 40.
It's important to consider what this means in practice for the MHRA and EMLA, specifically that certain EU Directives, such as Directive 2001/83/EC governing healthcare and medicinal products, would require the UK to implement relevant legislation.
determined the efficacy of EMLA and lidocaine infiltration for 16-gauge Tuohy needle insertion.
However, the availability of EMLA cream, light general anaesthesia or sedation during and after the procedure, availability of reports mentioning less haemodynamic effects due to spinal anaesthesia ultimately have encouraged the present-day anaesthesiologists to consider spinal anaesthesia more frequently for their paediatric patients.
However, in one study, EMLA had no significant effect, and distraction was actually found to be more effective at decreasing distress during immunizations (Cohen, Blount, Cohen, Schaen, & Zaff, 1999; Cohen et al.
EMLA as institution is the member of Estonian Music Council and Estonian Music Information Centre.