EMLREgyptian Mathematical Leather Roll
EMLREntertainment and Media Law Reports (UK)
EMLREvoked Middle Latency Response
EMLRElectrically-Induced Middle Latency Response (head and neck surgery)
EMLREastern Mount Lofty Ranges (Australia)
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Elements: 1) Reasonable expectation of privacy (re-labelled 'engagement of Article 8 rights') The following may engage Article 8 (non-exhaustive list): * Private information, including: sexual information, date of birth, religious views (as in Figure 2), pictures of the individual (Reklos and Davourlis v Greece [2009] EMLR 16); * Reputational interests (Pfeifer v Austria (2009) 48 EHRR 8); * Non-defamatory, false information (currently actionable under 'malicious falsehood); * Emotional distress (identified in R (on the application of Watkins-Singh) v Aberdare Girls' High School Governors [2008] EWHC 1865 (Admin) at [1 3 7] (an application for judicial review) as potentially lying within the ambit of Article 8); * Bodily integrity (Wainwright v UK [2004] 2 AC 406).
In Re Televising Premier League Football Matches [2000] EMLR 78, the Restrictive Practices Court (UK), with the benefit of economic opinion, accepted that creating and preserving competitive balance was 'a vital factor in maintaining the equality and interest of Premier League Football'--174.