EMLSEarly Modern Literary Studies (electronic journal; UK)
EMLSEvent Message Logging System
EMLSEOS Microwave Limb Sounder
EMLSEastern Michigan Legal Services
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Essential medicines list (EML) often does not include inhaled cortico-steroids for asthma management, and if they do, then often these are not updated" said Dr Bissell.
The OLEDs with a sunlight-style chromaticity were obtained by employing three sunlight chromaticity complementary emitters via device engineering to adjust the relative emissive intensity of the two EMLs so that the resultant emission would fall at or nearby the daylight locus.
The EML is the most critical element of the system, providing the physical security and intelligence that remote systems rely on for access control and monitoring.
During the last years, there has been an intense research effort in EMLs to achieve the aforementioned goals (Koper, 2001) (Rawlings et al., 2002) (Koper et al., 2003) (Hernandez-Leo et al., 2005) (Koper, 2006) (Burgos, 2006) (Botturi & Stubbs, 2007) (Wilson et al., 2007) (Neumann et al., 2009).
EXHIBIT 1 Examples of Coinsurance Percentage Selection: If the coinsurance basis is $10,000,000, here are suggested coinsurance percentages and amounts of insurance for various EMLs. 1.
(2003), Rees (2003) and the special issues of Women's Writing (1997) and EMLS (2004).
Among the various reasons for poor availability of medicines could be (i) medicines which are not on the States' essential medicines list (EML) or procurement list are not purchased, (ii) inefficient distribution systems leading to frequent 'stock-outs', (iii) dispensaries having different EMLs which do not have medicines prescribed by specialists (e.g., antipsychotic medicines), (iv) financial constraints of State governments, (v) this was a 'one time' availability survey, and (vi) the core list is different from the EML of the survey areas.
The third section reviews some existing EMLs and discusses the main contributions of our proposal.
A portion of urine (2.00 mL) or stock solution of arsenosugar 1 (3 x 50 [micro]L) plus water (2.00 mL) was added to a quartz digestion vessel (12-mL capacity) of a ultraCLAVE2[R] microwave autoclave (EMLS).