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EMMETElectro Magnetic Marine Exploration Technologies (Russia)
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Despite Halloween being just around the corner, PhD student Emmet has ruled out any more vegetable art this year.
Emmet is press-ganged into leading the perilous quest.
Emmet is press-ganged into leading the perilous quest to defeat Lord Business aided by a rogue's gallery of mini-figures.
Item # 1: Life Skills - Charlevoix County and Emmet County - See Invitation to Bid (ITB) for full description.
This is found in Emmet he is the embodiment of a generic piece of Lego lost among millions of others that look just like him.
Emmet is press-ganged into leading the perilous quest to defeat the despot aided by a rogue's gallery of mini-figures and the stage is set for Emmet to capture the heart of the most inventively-crazy movie in years.
A lax-toned Morgan Freeman plays Vitruvius, the almighty wizard who helps Emmet believe he's more than just a mediocre block of plastic by encouraging him to trust his instincts.
Founded on a core of UMLS (Unified Medical Language System), EMMeT contains select terms from standard vocabularies such as MeSH, SNOMED CT, RxNorm, ICD9 & 10, and LOINC.
Emmet will be based at the Bank's regional headquarters in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and will report to Andrew Suckling, Global Head of M&A, and Daniel Azzi, Regional Head of Global Markets & Co-Head Wholesale Banking, MENA and Pakistan.
Standard Chartered (LON: STAN) has announced the appointment of Tom Emmet to lead its Mergers and Acquisitions business in the Middle East and North Africa regions.
I am delighted for emmet, who doesn't get that many opportunities.
AFTER COURAGEOUSLY battling kidney disease and blood cancer, Emmet Larkin died on March 19, 2012, at age eighty-four.