EMMFEpiscopal Medical Missions Foundation (Austin, TX)
EMMFEuropean Multinational Maritime Force
EMMFEuropean March of Memory and Friendship (Belgium)
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According to the generalized method of induced EMMF, we multiply Equation (11a) by the function [f.sub.1]([s.sub.1]), Equation (11b) by the function [f.sub.2]([s.sub.2]), and (11c) by the function [f.sub.3]([s.sub.3]).
Comparison of the theoretical and experimental results shown in Figure 5 confirms reliability of the proposed method for analysis of multielement vibrator-slot structures and applicability of the generalized method of induced EMMF using approximation functions for the currents in a single impedance vibrator and a single slot obtained by averaging method.
The system of one-dimensional equations was solved by a generalized method of induced EMMF. However, this method allows to find approximate analytical expressions for currents in a vibrator-slot structure with a small number of elements.
If [z.sub.0] = 0, i.e., the interaction between the vibrator and slot is absent, [y.sub.01] = 0, i.e., the vibrator is monopole, and the normalized surface impedance, distributed along vibrator as [[??].sub.S] ([s.sub.1]) = [[??].sub.S] [phi] ([s.sub.1]), where [phi] ([s.sub.1]) is the given function, the solution of Equations (19) by generalized method of induced EMMF is as follows:
The comparison of theoretical and experimental curves (Figure 4) indicates that the solution of integral equations for combined vibrators-lot structures by the generalized method of induced EMMF with approximating functions for the currents in the impedance vibrator and the slot, obtained by averaging method, is quite legitimate.