EMMOEnhanced Multimedia Meta Object (computing)
EMMOElectronic Missile Maintenance Officer
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Taking over the basement are Emmo (Reload) and Tom Lowe from Audio Sunshine, who fly the flag on Sunday evenings on the station.
Second-place Netherley Wood Lane Legion, for whom Ben Bedford, Adam Fairclough, Emmo Kenny, Jacob Clegg and Sonny Kenyon all scored, won 6-1 against Ash Celtic (Matthew Petterson).
43 (450m): Mumba Tumba, Lisneal Phanther, Floral Ace (M), North Lewis (M), Boherduff Emmo (M), Nearly Certain (W).
com Offers Race Fans Unique Opportunities to Compete on Facebook and Twitter for a Chance to Connect and Hangout with Emmo, and Win 'Evoke' Emerson Fittipaldi Signature Series Sunglasses
MIAMI -- Motorsports enthusiasts and race fans will have a unique opportunity to compete for a chance to connect and "hangout" with Hall of Fame race legend Emerson Fittipaldi, thanks to "Are You the #1 Emmo Fan?
Reserves: Black Ocho (M), Boherduff Emmo (M), Deancroft Ace, Farloe Freedom, Galgo Descarado (M), Goodbye Susie, Hammy's Ray (M), Maasai Warrior, North Duffy, Richie's Delight, She's A Livewire, Warrior Bellona (M).
We're thrilled to have Emmo working with us once again," says Robert Ewaniuk, President of SPORTALITY, a leading North American corporate hospitality agency.
Emmo took his goal well and I can't praise him enough, it was a wonderful free kick," he added.
Attendees, including new partners Broad Corporation (Japan), Emmo (Belgium), Executive Computing (Australia), Metastore (Benelux) and MPS (UK), will receive advanced sales and technical training for Proginet's SecurPass and CyberFusion software products.
Apparently the trouble started when Emmo said to Tino: "A week?
Last word is that Emmo, as he's being described by the papers (much to Rod Hull's annoyance), has gone to see his aunt, who's full Brazilian name is Goingtocumback-Noway.
The Digital Service is EMMOS (Energy Management and Monitoring Operational System), that makes possible to collect, storage and analyze consumption data and other parameters that influences the energy consumption.