EMNDEquine Motor Neuron Disease
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Table 3 Cytochrome P450, EMND and AH activities measured in rat liver microsomes.
Saponarin, administered alone, showed comparable to silymarin inhibitory effect on EMND and AH activities, without affecting cytochrome P 450 quantity.
As well as the six with EMND, tests showed another two had developed another neurological illness.
A post-mortem on another horse which died later revealed high levels of iron, an indication of EMND, a relatively new condition that affects the nervous and muscular systems in horses.
The judge commented in an eight-year period to 2004 just 32 cases of EMND were reported in Europe and all were sporadic and isolated incidents.
Wellings said she did not spot the horses trembling and believed the odd stance of one - both symptoms of EMND - were related to back ailments.