EMNSExpendable Mine Neutralization System
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The company will deliver two EMNS Engineering Development Models (EDMs) to the Navy for developmental and operational testing and evaluation.
For the EMNS, Lockheed Martin also will employ a scalable, open architecture capable system for the MCM-1 Avenger-class ships that facilitates rapid technology insertion, increasing warfighting capabilities in a shorter time at a reduced cost.
The EMNS provides the Navy with an increased mine countermeasures capability while at the same time dramatically reducing the time it takes to neutralize mines," said Denise Saiki, vice president and general manager of Lockheed Martin's Undersea Systems business.
We're pleased to be part of innovative service providers such as EMNS," said David Lonsdale, CEO and Chairman of bTrade.
EMNS is making real-time quality an integral element of the next generation supply chain system," said Lonsdale.
We are thrilled to extend our relationship with Goodyear," says Bill Benda, President of EMNS.