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EMOEmotional (music genre)
EMOEmergency Measures Organization (Canada)
EMOEmergency Management Ontario (Ontario, Canada)
EMOEmergency Management Office
EMOEvolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization
EMOEmotional Rock (music, fashion)
EMOEnvironmental Management Office
EMOEcumenical Ministries of Oregon (Portland, OR)
EMOEmotive Hardcore (music genre)
EMOEmergency Management Organization (Canada)
EMOEmergency Off (definition used by SEMI)
EMOEducational Management Organization
EMOExposition Mondiale de La Machine Outil
EMOEmergency Machine Off
EMOExercise for Men Only (magazine)
EMOEuropean Mortar Industry Organisation
EMOEmergency Measures Office
EMOEquipment Management Office
EMOElektrik Mühendisleri Odasý (Turkey)
EMOEnvironmental Management Ordinance
EMOEffective Material Operator
EMOElectromagnetism and Optics
EMOExperienced Musicians Only
EMOEarly Morning Originator (airline industry)
EMOElectronic Maintenance/Material Officer
EMOEngage Missile Order
EMOExecutive Management Office (various organizations)
EMOExpress Money Order (various locations)
EMOExtra Man Onboard (US Navy)
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When I was in college I listened to a lot of so-called emo music.
So maybe just for tonight, I'll dress in black and play emo music while I sit in my candle-lit room, sipping red wine.
My boyfriend loved me even more because we were both rocking the Emo lifestyle.
The official said hundreds of thousands EMOs have been issued till date.
Chapman Freeborn is proud to work with our partner EMO Trans Global Logistics and our air carrier partners to successfully transport and deliver this turbine back to the island and people of Jamaica.
GfK is currently expanding the EMO Scan platform, adding new measures for recognizing human emotions and covering additional research applications.
Emo is a style of haircut," said Mariwan Salar, 16, who was wearing tight jeans and a tight black T-shirt, and sporting an emo haircut.
The secretariat met today to discuss the recent phenomenon of emo," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, noting that the recommendations tend toward 'the positive containment of the issue', through cooperation between schools and families, ruling out the use of violence to handle the problem At least 90 Iraqi emo teenagers have been stoned to death by religious extremists in Baghdad in the past month following an inflammatory Interior Ministry statement dubbing the dress-style as "devil worshiping," activists said.
Emo is short for "emotional" and in the West generally identifies teens or young adults who listen to alternative music, dress in black, and have radical hairstyles.
Iraq's Moral Police also released a statement on the interior ministry's website, highlighting the emo culture prevalent among Iraqi youth and declaring its intent to eliminate the trend.
The 2010-2011 school year marked another year of relatively slow growth in the for-profit education management industry and another year of steady growth in the nonprofit EMO industry.
SGS CARBIDE TOOL, manufacturer of high precision solid carbide cutting tools for extreme technology applications, launched a number of new products at the recent EMO 2011 exhibition, held in Hannover.