EmOCEmergency Obstetric Care
EMOCEducational Materials for Organic Chemistry (est. 1997; Michigan State University; East Lansing, MI)
EMOCExtreme Motorsports of California, Inc. (sandcar manufacturers)
EMOCEmergency Management Operations Center (various locations)
EMOCEOSDIS Mission Operations Center
EMOCEngineering Management of Change (project management)
EMOCElectro Mechanical Optical Cable
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All materials except the LectureOnline system are publicly accessible through the EMOC website (http://www.
EMOC was designed and implemented with three distinct goals as guidelines:
To evaluate student use of the materials made available on the EMOC Website.
In this article we report the evaluation of EMOC jointly designed by all of us but conducted by the first and second authors.
What were the advantages and disadvantages of using EMOC to learn organic chemistry as perceived by the students?
Which parts of the EMOC site did the students like/dislike and why?
How did the EMOC site affect the students' understanding of specific topics in organic chemistry?
In the final evaluation phase, surveys were given to students in two courses, and onsite focus groups of EMOC users and one non-user were conducted.
We hypothesized that EMOC was a form of multimedia that could affect the learning that occurred when students interacted with the Website.
Therefore, we probed students' (users and nonusers) knowledge of specific domain topics, which were presented on EMOC and discussed in class, in order to investigate the impact of EMOC on students' understanding.
Therefore, based on these studies, we decided to collect information on (a) students' perceptions of ease/difficulty in using EMOC and (b) the various parts of the site which were most frequently used.
These findings were relevant to our EMOC evaluation because of the features that EMOC offers.