EMOIEnterprise Modelling and Ontologies for Interoperability (workshop)
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Serious problem confronting AAF began in 2002 when its contract with EMOI expired and was not renewed.
Meanwhile, EMOI extended its contract with LNG buyers in Japan and South Korea on January, 2005.
In the period from January to August, 2003 EMOI sold gas to AAF at a price of US$ 1.
EMOI, which gave priority to meeting its gas supply contract with the Arun LNG plant, provided the supply again only on Nov.
The price of gas sold by EMOI to AAF under new 2003 contract rose from US$ 1 per MMBTU to US$ 1.
In 2002, however, its production rose before declining again after the problem in gas supply from EMOI.
Pupuk Iskandar Muda (PIM), another urea producer in Aceh, has also suffered a shortage in gas supply from EMOI.