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EMOSEmpresa Metropolitana de Obras Sanitarias (Spanish: Metropolitan Sanitation Company; various locations)
EMOSEnvironmental Management Overview Strategy
EMOSEOS Mission Operations System
EMOSEarth Mean Orbital Speed
EMOSEast Mediterranean Optical System
EMOSEntry Military Occupational Specialty
EMOSErasable Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
EMOSEvangelical Ministries of Sylvania, Inc. (Georgia)
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Categorising the subculture as 'disturbing', 'full of rage', 'dramatic' and 'emotional', the newscast saw a team of reporters delve into the world of emo, hilariously pouring over an online quiz that determined whether a teen was 'emo enough', and taking to the streets to decide whether emo is linked to suicide and 'gender bending'.
USAID Director for Sindh and Balochistan, Michael Hryshchyshyn mentioned that USAID is also providing comprehensive technical assistance to the Sindh government for implementation of the EMO policy reform, which has provided essential institutional, financial and management sustainability to the investments under SBEP.
The attendees were briefed about the EMO reforms of the Sindh government as well as proposal submission information.
At one point in his entertainment career, Emos got a job as a radio presenter at a local station, Hero Radio, where he worked for three years.His catchy voice rocked the airwaves and he had an impressive listenership.
Meanwhile, the citizens have requested the Provincial Health Secretary Imran Nazir and Gujranawala commissioner to immediately appoint EMOs to enable full provision of health facilities.
Dark eye shadow, distinct clothing, piercings in various parts of the body, tattoos with strange slogans, and remarkable hair styles characterize this group, who describe themselves as "emo."
The Baghdad government in a statement denied that they were involved in killing or arresting emos. However, they did acknowledge that the police are allowed to arrest homosexuals and those involved in drugs, both of which are against the norms of Iraqi society.
Iraqi lawmaker Khalid Shwani, a Kurd, said targeting Emos because of their alternative lifestyles reflects a growing intolerance of Iraqis' civil rights.
Police in Yerevan have been conducting a campaign against the capital's small but controversial emo community since the recent suicides of two teenagers who were rumored to have been emo fans.