EMOTAEuropean Mail Order Trade Association (The Netherlands)
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EMOTA wants to revert to the Commission's wording as it gives clear precedence to the country-of-origin principle enshrined in the E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC), she said.
However, EMOTA argues that the country of origin principle is needed to counterbalance possible differences in interpretation of the Directive's provisions by the Member States.
EMOTA Secretary-General Aad Weening indicates: "We worked hard to ensure that small credit loans did not fall under the scope of the Directive.
EMOTA is calling upon the European Commission to remove existing barriers and allow the sector to flourish, thus benefiting both consumers and the distance selling sector.
EMOTA cites the ISDN Directive (97/66/EC), the Directive on distance selling (97/7/EC), the one on electronic commerce (2000/31/EE) and the brand-new one on data protection in the electronic communications sector.