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EMOTEElectronic Multimedia Online Textbook in Engineering for Aeronautics and Astronautics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Undergraduate Projects Laboratory; Cambridge, MA)
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Gamers Will Experience an Intuitive Layout of the Most Common MMO Emotes, Accompanied By the Ability for Complete, Multi-Layer Keyboard Customization
Emote also said it is currently in talks with a range of potential partners to gain insight into the world of hunting in order to offer a full and varied hunting experience, close to reality.
Emote Games was founded eight months ago, and today employs eight people at its base in Liverpool and studios in London and Derby.
Getting some dancers to emote is like getting blood out of a stone,' she revealed, 'but NBT dancers do it quite naturally.
We didn't emote like the psychodramatic choreographers of the 1930s and 1940s.
To engage and develop the student's capacity to emote in music, we can start by using the Technique of the Narrative.
LONDON -- Emote Games, an online publisher of dynamic social games, has today announced that the Boone and Crockett Club will be a charter partner with www.
And Chan's also given a chance to emote as his character comes to terms with a personal tragedy.
When thanking a fellow online player, for example, you could use an emote to make your character bow, or when saying goodbye you could use an emote to make them wave.
Feldman is Magee Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and the principal investigator for EMOTE.
Properly fitted, a dancer's foot can articulate, gesture, and emote as well as a hand.
The ``Mega Man'' games simply asked you to play and win, not emote.