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EMOTICONEmotional Icon
EMOTICONEmotion Icon (smileys)
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The emoticons feature Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in often hilarious situations.
This is credited to be the first recorded instance of an emoticon being used in communication.
It can make a terse text sound friendly but there's a time and a place for emoticons, and this is rarely at work.
Many complained that they could not see the new emoticons, while some were unhappy that Facebook did not launch a "dislike" button.
Kurita wanted to find a simpler solution for this new model of mobile phones than complex and ornate kaomoji (Blagdon 2013), the Eastern emoticons, also composed by punctuation or other signs, such as Kurita designed small pictures, which had the advantage of being counted as a single character by the system: unlike textual emoticons and kaomoji, which are created by users typing a sequence of characters, emoji are pre-set images (Nishimura 2015).
Chat apps such as Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, Nimbuzz and Hike Messenger have stolen a march when it comes to emoticons and stickers.
Now the excitement of every match can be shared through 25 fun emoticons.
So yes, emoticons have become common place across the messaging board.
Likewise, UrbanDictionary compiler Aaron Peckman categorized the emoticon as "the antithesis of intelligent writing.
The frowny treatment differs from the smiley treatment only because the emoticon subjects can send is of the form :( instead.
If you type :) or another recognized emoticon in many word processors, email programs, instant messaging programs, Web forums, and online games, the software will automatically convert it into a graphical representation.
For simplicity's sake, I call these symbols critical emoticons.