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EMPAEidgenössische Materialprüfungs- und ForschungsAnstalt (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research)
EMPAEuro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly
EMPAElectron Microprobe Analysis
EMPAExecutive Master of Public Administration (various universities)
EMPAEmergency Management Preparedness and Assistance (Florida, USA)
EMPAEuropean Military Press Association
EMPAEast Midlands Property Alliance (UK)
EMPAEthyl Methylphosphonic Acid
EMPAEmergency Medicine Physician Assistants
EMPAEnvironmental & Marine Project Management Agency (Bremen, Germany)
EMPAEasy Meal Prep Association
EMPAEuropean/Mediterranean Planetarium Association
EMPAEnergy Market and Policy Analysis, Inc
EMPAEve Multipurpose Application (gaming; Eve Online)
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Group, confirmed in an interview with Channel Middle East that EMPA is now a wholly owned company of
The EMPA is a world class online degree program and we are proud and excited to be assisting Southern University at Baton Rouge with this strategic initiative," emphasized Dr.
years now at EMPA - are contributing to performance improvements and to
Dominique Derome is Group Leader, Wood Laboratory, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research EMPA, Dubendorf, Switzerland.
EMPA of the clayey matrix and clay in fractures in quartz grains within clay-rich regolith (Zp1, Zp2, Zp3) show them to be composed almost entirely of kaolin with minor amounts of gibbsite and iron oxide (Fig.
Compared with previous empirical validation projects using test cells without guarded zones, such as the PASSYS cells, the guarded zones of the EMPA test cells offered much better control of boundary conditions.
27: The Fiber Society Spring Conference, EMPA, the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research, St.
To test the performance of protease in these formulations, detergency on EMPA 116 and 117 enzymatic soil clothes was used.
EMPA can analyze all elements except for helium, hydrogen and lithium.
Huawei has appointed EMPA as a distributor for its enterprise solutions in the Middle East.
DeRose is affiliated with the Laboratory for Joining Technologies and Corrosion, EMPA, Switzerland.
EMPA officials (Swiss Federal Laboraties for Materials Science and Technology) test the Hawk-Eye goal-line technology system at St Mary''s yesterday