EMPAQEmployer Measures of Productivity, Absence and Quality
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Helen Darling, president of the NBGH, wants EMPAQ to help employers improve outcomes.
As a special offering to 2006 NWCDC attendees, EMPAQ will provide the materials, knowledge and certification you need--free.
EMPAQ metrics, created by the council, are now embedded inside the benchmarking program developed and provided by the Integrated Benefits Institute, a nonprofit based in San Francisco.
No longer in its infancy, the EMPAQ initiative has had its tires kicked by nearly 250 employers along the way, resulting in significant tweaks and improvements.
Making sure that we're all agreeing on the definition is where the power of EMPAQ is," said Stevens.
The demand for true industry benchmarking is high, yet many companies--burned by past benchmarking surveys that went nowhere--have taken a wait-and-see attitude about the use of the EMPAQ metrics.
Larry Jermyn, manager of medical and health services for Honda Manufacturing in Marysville, Ohio, submitted his company's EMPAQ data to IBI for the 2003 reporting period.
We have taken a giant step forward toward providing consensus-based measures through the EMPAQ project.
The EMPAQ standards aim to help employers evaluate the performance and results of disability and absence management programs and to purchase services more effectively.
These industry-wide EMPAQ measures will be developed to enable employers and suppliers to determine how effective their health-related lost time programs are," says Helen Darling, WBGH President.
The EMPAQ project is expected to continue through 2005.