EMPAREuropean Multifunction Phased-Array Radar
EMPAREnoxaparin MaxEPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) Prevention of Angioplasty Restenosis (cardiology)
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EMPAR will be deployed on the next generation of air defense frigates for the French and Italian navies.
The development of EMPAR demonstrates the strength of Alenia Marconi Systems in delivering naval fire-control radar systems," said Jay Bertelli, president and chief executive officer of Mercury Computer Systems.
EMPAR is one of the most progressive radar systems in the world, and has been designed to detect and track a variety of targets ranging from surface vessels to large aircraft to stealthy missiles.
Information about Alenia Marconi Systems and EMPAR is available at: www.
detection of targets, then hand them off to the EMPAR when they approach and supposedly constitute a higher threat.
A potentially significant limitation of the system is the form of the antenna: contrary to the SPY-l and other comparable 360-degree-coverage systems, the EMPAR employs a single, rotating water-cooled passive electronic-scan antenna, typically inclined at 30 degrees.
The heart of the Daring-class destroyers is also going to be the PAAMS, employing the same subcomponents as the original Horizon specs, but with an important difference: the EMPAR radar is replaced by the Sampson active phased-array system from BAE Systems.
It can reasonably be argued that the RN's dissatisfaction with the performance goals for the EMPAR was one of the principal reasons for the eventual withdrawal from the Horizon program.
The French and Italian Horizons will mount Alenia Marconi's G-band EMPAR (European Multifunction Phased Array Radar).