EMPBErstmusterprüfbericht (German: Initial Sample Test Report)
EMPBEuropean Multi-Protocol Backbone
EMPBEmergency Mobilization Preparedness Board
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We constructed the initial SEM based upon the correlation matrices and assumptions, in which demographic variables were included as "free floating" variables, information and motivation were exogenous latent variables, and behavioral skills and EMPB were endogenous variables.
These analyses showed that gender and education levels had no effect on the model constructs, work experience ( r = 0.167, P < 0.010) was found to be positively associated with EMPB, and income was negatively associated with EM information ( r = -0.169, P < 0.010), motivation ( r = -0.158, P < 0.010), and behavioral skills ( r = -0.166, P < 0.010).
An examination of the individual pathways indicated that the direct pathways from information, motivation and income to EMPB, from income to behavioral skills, and from work experience to IMB were nonsignificant and should be dropped.
Consistent with the IMB model, our study indicated that EMPB was directly predicted by behavioral skills ( [sz] = 0.449, P < 0.001).
The IMB model designed in our study indicated a good fit among the county hospitals and the indicator tests were all significant, which suggested that the IMB model applies to EMPB interventions.
However, information did not predict EMPB directly, which is consistent with the results of a previous study of the IMB model of intention to smoke conducted by Zhu et al .
Therefore, to investigate the influence of EMPB on the mobilization of endogenous MSCs, we analyzed the number of MSCs in the blood circulation lh after injecting 2.16mg/kg EMPB (a nontoxic concentration) into C57BL/6NJcl mice.
We further examined whether EMPB could also upregulate the ability of MSCs to home to wounded sites.
Effects of EMPB on the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, macrophages, and vascular endothelial cells
Next, we examined the effects of EMPB on the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, macrophages, and vascular endothelial cells, which are commonly found in skin tissues.
The effects of EMPB on wound healing were analyzed in the diabetic mouse model C57BLKS/Jlar- + [lepr.sup.db] / + [Lepr.sup.db].
Therefore, we further examined the effects of EMPB on tissue regeneration.