EMPEAEmerging Markets Private Equity Association (Washington, DC)
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The Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, EMPEA, has over 300 member companies who jointly manage over US$1 trillion of assets.
Fundraising activity in the first six months of 2011 reached almost full year 2010 levels, and we estimate that fundraising for the full year could reach $40 billion or more, which would exceed the 2006 total," said Sarah Alexander, President and CEO of EMPEA.
ra Africa East Africa 2003 2,200 406 417 NA 350 2004 2,800 1,777 714 NA 545 2005 15,446 2,711 1,272 791 1,915 2006 19,386 3,272 2,656 2,353 2,946 Multiple Total Regions 2003 116 3,489 2004 618 6,454 2005 3,630 25,765 2006 2,580 33,193 Source: EMPEA (Emerging Markets Private Equity Association) 2007.
EMPEA has solved this problem with their database of emerging markets' private equity activity.
Therefore, on behalf of its members, EMPEA is registering its concerns about the negative impact the draft Directive will have on this important source of development capital and requests that the directive be amended to allow Emerging Market Fund Managers to market their funds in the EU under a regime similar to the private placement one now in place.
EMPEA said its 2013 survey showed 36 per cent of investors did not plan to increase or decrease investments, up from 17 per cent last year, a sign that "an increasing number of institutional investors are reaching their target level of exposure".
EMPEA leverages an unparalleled global industry network to deliver authoritative intelligence, promote best practices, and provide unique networking opportunities, giving our members a competitive edge for raising funds, making good investments and managing exits to achieve superior returns.
EMPEA estimates that emerging markets funds have raised US$25 billion between January and April 2008, and US$59 billion in 2007, "which was already a two-fold increase over 2006," she added.
What was once a primarily development finance-backed experiment is now, in many emerging markets, a credible, commercial asset class attracting sizable investments from well-known institutional investors, including public pension funds," said Sarah Alexander, President of EMPEA.
Sarah Alexander, chief executive of the US-based Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, writes: "In the developing markets in which EMPEA operates, private equity is often the only finance option available, and it is the most efficient, driven by professional investors who manage the funds, select companies they believe will prosper for the long term, and bring corporate governance regimes that are generally lacking in these markets.
A study by EMPEA (Emerging Markets Private Equity Association) identified Brazil as the second most attractive emerging country for investors in 2009, following only China.
As of August 2007, EMPEA counted 60 funds raising an additional US$14 billion for investments within the region.