EMPFElectronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
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EMPF is an equity investment fund jointly established by China-Africa Investment and Development Co., Ltd.
The delegation said it had a meaningful talk with OPIC, a sovereign government investment fund formed by the Obama administration, during which EMPF's investment model gained OPIC's preliminary approval.
While reviewing these calls, EMPF staff consulted its Industrial Advisory Board, which encountered precisely this scenario during participation in the most quoted and thorough military-environment qualification study of Pb-free electronics solder joint reliability yet conducted: the JGPP study by NASA, the Joint Council on Aging Aircraft, and other defense industry leaders.
The EMPF Helpline staff investigated whether SAC 305-finished chips and BGAs could be soldered with SnPb solder.
The EMPF was established as a ROSA restoration technology Center of Excellence able to support both commercial industry and DoD depot repair facilities.
*The EMPF (empf.org) aids industry in improving electronics manufacturing processes required to build military systems.
This process was developed by the EMPF using customer-supplied ceramic components.
Within a two-week period, the EMPF (Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility) Helpline received four calls asking whether it is possible to solder, using SnPb, a component with a SnAgCu finish and whether there are reliability concerns.
The EMPF operates as a National Electronics Manufacturing Center of Excellence, with funding coming from industry, academia and government.)
Technical Devices, a partner of the EMPF, developed a solution for Sn-induced erosion by coating solder pots with a titanium nitride finish.
The Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF), operated by the American Competitiveness Institute, performed extensive studies in the mid-1990s on the meaning of ionic cleanliness and published EMPF-RR-0013.