EMPHEuropean Master of Public Health (degree)
EMPHEvers Mobiele PC (Personal Computer) Helpdesk (Dutch support service)
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Then we created a big payment processing platform called Emerging Markets Payments Holdings (EMPH), which started up with the acquisitions of Mediterranean Smart Cards Company (MSCC), which will be a multi-country financial service and payment processing business.
Emerging Markets Payments Holdings (EMPH), the UK based fund of Actis LLP, the UK based private equity firm, has acquired Visa Jordan Card Services Company (VJCS), the Jordan based ATM services provider, for a consideration of $87 million.
The Motormen have proved they are a far more capable outfit than those of previous campaigns but unfortunately for the Scousers they came up against opposition that finally took the brakes off on home soil and cruised to an emph Ratic win.
yesterday EMPH (PART) Israel government ERG said ...
re pushed all the way uvenated Llanedeyrn team who made the fight for their 5-4 In the Hotspur b to a succe an emph B division, Avenue brought their season essful conclusion with hatic win over Trowbridge that saw Elliot Evans, Marcus Sheeley, Anthoney Brucie, Connor Allen, Jordan Venn and Kriston Walsh all featuring on the scoresheet.
Of Taymor's film, Maria DeLuca and Mary Lindroth assert: "Unafraid of confronting issues of violence, [Taymor] uses stylization and underscores the play's dark humor to heighten its profound impact and to prevent the film from deteriorating into exploitive sensationalism" (28, my emph.).
But, as Stec points out, West wanted these political reforms "agreed on by responsible leaders of the country, black and white" (emph. mine).
In the 1948 version of the poem titled "The Sailing of the Ark," Shem states that the unicorn's "feet / Are hard as horns" (emph. added).
Oxford: Society for Central Asian Studies, 1985), 110 (emph. in orig.).
This is achieved because the chora is, as Kristeva elaborates, the "kinetic functional stage of the semiotic" (27; her emph.).
Susan Griffin in Ecofeminism and Meaning emphasizes the fact that "women are not biologically or metaphysically closer to nature (emph. mine)" (Warren 213) not equal to nature but "essentially" the productive part of nature even as man should have been its providing part.
There exists an accepted convention for Eastern Aramaic glossaries and dictionary entries that nouns and adjectives should be listed in their emph. state, e.g., nouns [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "king," fem.