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EMPIEnterprise Master Person Index
EMPIEnterprise Master Patient Index
EMPIElectronic Master Patient Index (Sun Microsystems)
EMPIEngineered Motor Products, Inc
EMPIExternal Microprocessor Interface
EMPIEntrepreneurship and Management Process International
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For example, during the initial data upload of the EMPI, depending on the processes that were used in the past to manage one's patient population, there could be a record duplication rate of over 10%.
Finally, we construct the CRISISR dummy variable similar to CRISIS variable only that the foreign exchange reserves component of EMPI must account for at least 75% of the index when the index signals a crisis (when CS = 1).
The EMPI also helps with reconciling continuity of care documents.
There is no significant difference in the EMPI scores by size of firms.
Initiate Systems, for example, provides insurers and other payors with enterprise master person index (EMPI) software that enables easy access and information sharing among hospitals, physicians, and other care providers; it does this by acquiring data from source systems and resolving patient identities in real time.
To be absolutely honest, the "di sdegno" genre of the aria Potrei sovra degli empi is not entirely congenial to the this singer's natural temperament, and so the raging Old Testament Jahve inevitably has less of a choleric presence than the composer probably intended.
Initiate Systems enterprise master person index (EMPI) software supports the new medication history service by matching physician requests for a patient's medication history with the corresponding records across all connected pharmacies.
Subentra intanto l'orrore per cio che avevamo fatto, il disgusto e l'odio verso noi stessi, il pianto; ma appena fuggiamo da quegli empi cibi la fame torna a bruciare, e siamo costretti a raccogliere cio che poco prima avevamo sputato di bocca."
They read security, time, and attendance badges; parking cards; and other cards that use standard ABA/ANSI/ISO or EMPI magnetic stripes or HID or EMPI proximity card formats.