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EMPIEnterprise Master Person Index
EMPIEnterprise Master Patient Index
EMPIElectronic Master Patient Index (Sun Microsystems)
EMPIEngineered Motor Products, Inc
EMPIEntrepreneurship and Management Process International
EMPIExternal Microprocessor Interface
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In addition to the new EMPI and PACS solutions, Sun will be exhibiting Sun technologies such as the StorageTek(TM) 5800, the world's first application- aware programmable storage system based on Solaris 10 and Java(TM) technology- demonstrating Sun's commitment to open source and breakthrough storage technology.
We completed the EMPI conversion and went into production in just under two months", said Dan Cidon, CTO at NextGate.
The 643-bed acute care facility will implement the EMPI solutions prior to its enterprise-wide implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) system with the goals of improving patient identification accuracy, decreasing duplicate records and facilitating more seamless access to patient data between its acute and post-care facilities.
Identify the extent of the organization's duplicate records with EMPI Cleanup Services
The presence of the interest rate differential on both sides of the EMPI regression: (i) renders the business cycle synchronization insignificant, possibly due to the origination of business cycle synchronization in monetary policy synchronization; (ii) changes the direction of the impact of inflation synchronization on EMPI volatility.
We needed to do something on the back-end, because we were spending so much in the way of resources managing the duplicates, and we knew that our EMPI was getting less data integrity day by day.
At NextGate, we specialize in EMPIs and healthcare registry solutions--our staff having built the first vendor-independent EMPI 18 years ago--and have delivered solutions for hundreds of satisfied customers.
Improving the quality of patient care is top-of-mind for healthcare providers and we're looking forward to further extending PatientKeeper's workflow and connectivity software capabilities with the availability of NextGate's MatchMetrix EMPI technology.
The NextGate EMPI solution will be integrated with a range of CSC's innovative electronic health record (EHR) applications to form the basis of unified health information systems that will be provided in specific territories.
com has built into the EMPI the ability to store a unique identifier for each insurance payor, each insurance product and each insurance plan, and within the record for each of those insurance plans, store all the identifiers from all the different participating systems.
Ranking #1 within the EMPI segment for the fourth straight year reaffirms the value we bring to the access management process and that our EMPI provides the foundation for the patient record.
The only way to do this successfully is to start with an EMPI.