EMPPEarly Motor Pattern Profile (infant neurologic status indicator)
EMPPElectromagnetic Pulse Protection
EMPPEven Monthly Payment Plan
EMPPEcological and Molecular Plant Physiology (academics)
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In our brief submission to the HLP, we observed that the refusal of a patent holder to grant a voluntary license on the terms established by the EMPP system would satisfy the requirement that the grantee had attempted to obtain a license on reasonable commercial terms and conditions.
To assist in improving the electrical efficiency of HVAC systems, Hartman (2005) developed a general system analysis principle, namely Equal Marginal Performance Principle (EMPP), to help in optimizing the system design, and to ensure optimal operation of nearly any modern HVAC system.
Un 5% presentan una forma agresiva recurrente/progresiva (EMRP) y un 10% tienen una forma no inflamatoria desmielinizante progresiva, que no experimenta periodos de remision y que se clasifica como primaria/progresiva (EMPP) (1, 2).
MIH=Mental ill-health; PIH=physical ill-health; EMPP = employee pressures; SQUAL=scale quality--a high number indicates high quality.
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