EMPSEnhanced Multiple Printing System
EMPSElectric Motor Assisted Power Steering
EMPSEmergency Management Program Specialist (US FEMA)
EMPSEuropean Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms
EMPSEnhancements for Multimedia Priority Service
EMPSElectric Model Plane Stuff
EMPSElectromagnetic Pulse Simulator
EMPSElectronic Media Production Service
EMPSEquipment Monitoring and Performance Station
EMPSEmergency Mobilization Preparedness Board
EMPSEuropean Motion Picture Service
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The EMPS could also print out directions to the referred physician's office, as well as any instructions to the patient in preparing for the referral visit.
Early adopters of EMPS include Electrolux, the world's largest producer of appliances and equipment for kitchen cleaning and outdoor use.
We needed a solution that could seamlessly scale with the growth of the spam epidemic, and EMPS offered the protection we needed to fight back.
EMPS, combined with Equant's 50 years of messaging experience, is an ideal solution for multinational enterprises looking to out-task time-consuming messaging management.
EMPS, which is delivered through a partnership with FrontBridge Technologies, also enables multinational businesses to implement an e-mail risk management program, comply with government and industry regulations, minimize corporate liability and guarantee security while vastly reducing the load on internal resources, hardware, software and bandwidth.
EMPS merchants now have access to a suite of Promisant's international payment services.
Dow Corning is a great example of the Promisant and EMPS international solution at work," said Juan Prado, Chairman and CEO of Promisant.
EMPS is part of an alliance between First Data Merchant Services, a subsidiary of First Data Corp.
Dunne reports, "We believe that the leaders in the EMPS
2) Outlook for EMPS Conference - In an in-depth (2,200 words)
industry consolidation, and highlights the theme for the EMPS
3) EMPS & Semiconductors - In an in-depth (2,000 words) Analyst