EMPSEuropean Workshop on Mobile/Personal Satcoms
EMPSElectric Model Plane Stuff
EMPSElectromagnetic Pulse Simulator
EMPSElectronic Media Production Service
EMPSEquipment Monitoring and Performance Station
EMPSEmergency Mobilization Preparedness Board
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The EMPS could also print out directions to the referred physician's office, as well as any instructions to the patient in preparing for the referral visit.
With recent outbreaks of e-mail-borne viruses and malware increasing the risk to businesses, EMPS can ensure greater than 95 percent elimination of spam.
EMPS Research Corporation's President Terrence Chatwin said, "We are pleased to conclude this acquisition.
Working together with Promisant, we have created an international processing solution that truly meets the needs of global companies," said John Shlonsky, general manager of EMPS for First Data Merchant Services.
Terrence Chatwin, President of EMPS Research Corporation said, "We are pleased to announce this agreement and intend to consummate the acquisition of Condesa Pacific in the immediate future.
These contracts are in addition to contracts in excess of $3,800,000 to provide off-shore seismic work through Kazmogeophysica CJSC, a company in which we recently acquired a controlling interest" said EMPS Corporation CEO, Miragli Kunayev.
The business relationship between Promisant and FDMS clearly illustrates the ability for two industry leaders to deliver a comprehensive, integrated global payment solution by leveraging their individual strengths," said John Shlonsky, general manager of EMPS.
EMPS Corporation acquired 100% of the outstanding partnership interests of TatArka from both related and non-related entities in exchange for 200,000 restricted shares of EMPS Corporation common stock.
EMPS Corporation will acquire 100% of the outstanding partnership interests of TatArka in exchange for 200,000 shares of EMPS Corporation.
Presenting at the investment bank's third annual EMPS Conference, Dunne said, "The EMPS sector is poised for more growth, in our opinion.