EMPTAO-Ethyl Methylphosphonothioic Acid (VX Nerve Gas precursor)
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The Los Angeles Times cited experts who said not only that EMPTA has multiple uses but that apparent traces could have come from a number of other sources.
[sections] The presence of Empta (O-ethylmethyl phosphonothioic acid) proves nothing on its own, whether found in the soil near a factory or inside the factory itself.
There is also a question as to whether Empta could be used for purposes other than making chemical weapons.
The Americans argue that O-ethyl methyl phosphonothioic acid (EMPTA) was found in the ground outside the plant.
It implies that the workers were so unconcerned about safety that they were slopping around bottles of EMPTA. Similar chemicals are used as insecticides (eg O-Ethyl 0-2, 4, 5 trichlorophenyl ethyhosphoniate).
hinc infero quod quemadmodum miles praefertur aliis creditoribus etiam anterionibus in re empta ex pecunia sua glo.
The sample showed traces of a substance called EMPTA, or O-ethylmethylphosphonothioic acid, a material with no commercial uses that is a key ingredient of VX.
The production of EMPTA took up a small space within the sprawling Shifa plant, according to the US, and evidence of the production effort may be difficult for international inspectors to find, the intelligence official said.