EMPWElectronic Medical Physics World
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Table 3 shows the number of subjects that meet, excee, or fall short of the CPAG guidelines for EMPW for their corresponding age bracket.
To our knowledge, this is the first study examining the collection of EMPW data in a chiropractic setting, as well as comparing the physical activity habits of chiropractic patients in relation to the CPAG.
With respect to the CPAG, the majority of patients (68.8%) in our study are meeting or exceeding the recommended minimum number of EMPW for their respective age group; however, nearly one-third of patients (31.2%) are failing to meet these basic requirements on a weekly basis.
Subjective reports of EMPW may have been over-reported by patients in this study leading to an underestimation of individuals falling short of the recommended CPAG guidelines.
This study gives insight into the likelihood of CMCC chiropractic interns to ask and record EMPW, and the exercise behaviours of their patients.