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EMRElectronic Medical Record
EMRElectromagnetic Radiation
EMREnergy, Mines and Resources (Department of)
EMREndoscopic Mucosal Resection
EMRExperience Modification Rate (insurance)
EMRInstitut für Europäisches Medienrecht
EMREmergency Medical Responder
EMREmergency Management and Response
EMREducable Mentally Retarded
EMREmergency Medical Response
EMRElectromagnetic Resonance
EMREnvironmental Management Representative
EMRElectromechanical Relay
EMREnterprise Medical Record
EMRExclusive Marketing Right (India)
EMRExtraordinary Magnetoresistance
EMREnvironmental Management Review
EMREuropean Midcourse Radar
EMREnhanced Metafile Record (Windows programming)
EMREdison Media Research
EMRExchange Message Record
EMREnvironmental Management Report
EMRElectronic Meter Reading
EMRElectromagnetic Response
EMREmergency Medical Rescue (New York)
EMRElevator Machine Room (architectural documents)
EMREnlisted Master Record
EMRExecutive Management Review
EMREnhanced Measurement Report
EMRExecutive Management Report
EMRElectronic Mail Registration
EMRElectromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMREuropean Model Rocketry (est. 1996)
EMRExplosive Mishap Report
EMRElectronic Mail Room
EMREvent Monitor Request
EMRElectronic Combat Multifunction Radar
EMREquipment Maintenance Record
EMRElectromechanical Research Incorporated
EMREffort Multiplier Rating
EMREngineering Management Resources BV
EMRErrored Message Ratio (Hekimian)
EMRElectronic Management Reports
EMREmergency Manual Release
EMRExecution Management Replanner (TBMCS)
EMREmbassy Mission Residence (US State Department)
EMREmotionally Mentally Retarded
EMRElectronic Management of Records
EMREmerging Markets Review (journal; Elsevier)
EMREastern Main Road (Trinidad and Tobago)
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Nevertheless, despite these advantages, EMR uptake in hospitals and clinics has been limited to a certain degree.
Since we are halfway through 2010, the EMR Benchmark posed the question: "How are the continuing delays in defining MU impacting your business in 2010?
Integrating an LIS with an EMR system continues to be a complex undertaking.
Such a charter spells out specific needs and goals of the particular health system or hospital and outlines how the effectiveness of EMR will be measured.
I would like to propose a third option: graduated implementation of EMR in a single area of ObGyn practice--an area where access to clinical records matters most--making EMR more palatable to technology-wary, litigation-averse, and financially strapped clinicians.
Vendors often have different infrastructure requirements specific to their systems, and these are not included in an EMR system's software cost.
With an EMR, clinicians can send intra-office messages to one another that are time-sensitive and high-priority which leads to timely care of the patient and reduction of medical errors.
Whether on a state or national level, many experts say public acceptance will be critical to EMR systems' success--or will be a major factor in their failure.
EMR bills itself on its Web site as "one of the world's largest recycling companies--and the largest in the U.
Our goal is to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to the growing demand for EMR/EHR operating systems and this move allows us to add to our own suite of outstanding products and services one of the most well known and respected EMR software programs on the market," Schwartz said.
Clearly, every major EMR software vendor stands to benefit in a world where everyone must have an EMR, and they are deeply invested in shaping the standards and perpetuating their approach to sustain business models, which are founded on selling packaged software at large or significant profit margins.
However, the CPOE tools are not "integrated" into the EMR.