EMRBEckstein Medical Research Building (University of Iowa)
EMRBExposure Modeling Research Branch (US EPA)
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In a four-month study in individuals who were initially low in NK cell activity, supplementation with 1,000 mg/day of EMRB led to a four-fold increase in NK cell activity at two months, compared to control responses.
EMRB has also been studied in human patients with malignancies with remarkable results.
In a three year randomized, controlled trial of EMRB vs.
EMRB (enzymatically modified rice bran) provides a much-needed boost for aging immune systems, specifically by restoring NK cell activity.
However, EMRB may only need to be taken for a limited period of time each year.
We recommend taking EMRB when your body is most vulnerable to viral infections: the roughly four-month period of the flu season's peak activity, from early December to the end of March.
Once the flu season is over, you can stop the EMRB supplement until next year's season begins.
During the high-risk winter months, however, it would appear to be quite beneficial to add the NK cell activity-boosting effects of EMRB.
A unique product, enzymatically modified rice bran (EMRB), has now been developed, EMRB boosts NK cell activity by nearly 84%.