EMRIEmergency Management and Research Institute (India)
EMRIEcosystem Management Research Institute (Seeley Lake, MT, USA)
EMRIExtreme Mass Ratio Inspirals
EMRIEmerging Markets Risk Indicator
EMRIEmergency Medicine Risk Initiative
EMRIExtended Masculine Role Inventory
EMRIElectronic Medical Records Interchange
EMRIEastern Mojave Resource Inventory
EMRIError Management Risk Index (Bergendahl Institute, LLC)
EMRIElectronic and Marine Research Industries (Denmark)
EMRIElevator Machine Room Intercom
EMRIEastern Massachusetts - Rhode Island
EMRIEnergy Music Radio International
EMRIelectron magnetic resonance imaging
EMRIElectrical Motor Repair Institute (Arnhem, Netherlands)
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EMRI is now expanding its base beyond the current nine states with Madhya Pradesh and Punjab being the new partners.
We are getting good response for several states and I hope Delhi government also invites us to work in the capital," says Venkat Changavalli, the CEO of GVK EMRI.
Started in Hyderabad as a free service, EMRI has saved around 85 lakh lives over the past six years.
According to GVK- EMRI senior manager JSRC Murthy, on an average the 108 toll free number receives 45,000 calls every day, out of which only 5000- 6000 calls turn out to be serious in nature.
ID=07-307) Who: Former Indian President Kalam Philip Pizzo, MD, dean of Stanford School of Medicine Venkat Changavalli, chief executive officer of EMRI S.
In a little more than a year, EMRI already has responded to roughly 250,000 emergencies and saved more than 9,500 lives, said Venkat Changavalli, CEO of the group, during a breakfast meeting at Stanford Hospital to celebrate the new partnership.
EMRI, which has gained the backing of the state government, has purchased and equipped more than 500 ambulances, and developed a sophisticated, state-of-the-art call center that handles more than 15,000 calls each day, Changavalli said.
Under the agreement with EMRI, Stanford physicians will develop an educational curriculum and train 150 paramedics and 30 paramedic instructors over a two-year period in India.
And we will learn from Stanford University, which has become iconic in terms of its educational and research capabilities," said Indian entrepreneur and EMRI founder Ramalinga Raju, chairman of Satyam Computer Sciences, based in Hyderabad.
However, the different studies carried out in the past have not yet attempted to perform a systematic parameter estimation analysis for EMRIs.
Variable Variable Description Proxy Name HELPH Home equity loans and lines Demand for ($) credit issued by FDIC insured home equity commercial banks per credit homeowner EMRI Expenditures for Home ($Mil) maintenance, repairs and Improvements improvements (owner occupied) DEBT Consumer debt service Debt (%) payments as a percentage of Consolidation disposable personal income divided by total consumer debt GDP gap % difference between actual Business (%) and potential output.
I am going to make certain confessions which will hurt you and EMRI.