EMRLEmbedded RAID Logic (on motherboards and controllers)
EMRLEnvironmental Modeling Research Laboratory (Brigham Young University)
EMRLExperimental Media Research Laboratory (Sacramento, CA)
EMRLEast Mississippi Regional Library
EMRLEquipment Master Requirements Listing
EMRLEngineering Manufacturing Readiness Level
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EMRL reveal them to be particularly embarrassing cases for Taser International.
There is an ongoing effort by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Future Combat Systems (FCS) to establish EMRLs to assess the manufacturing process maturity of a design--similar to the way the technology readiness levels address the technology maturity of a design.
The Surface-Water Modeling System developed by EMRL in conjunction with FHWA and the Waterways Experiment Station takes a large, first step toward a comprehensive system for creating data files for use with state-of-the-art hydraulic models.
EMRL has informed the Company that it has challenged the cancellation in court and is confident these matters will be resolved in the first half of 2005.
WGI understands that EMRL has come under competitive and regulatory pressure wherein EMRL's license and/or permission to acquire TGI's tailings, concentrate them and sell them to WGI has been cancelled.
During 2004, sales of EMRL product comprised circa 2.
Look for the "Adaptec RAID Ready" icon identifying motherboards implementing Adaptec EMRL technology.
With zero channel RAID and EMRL, we're offering unparalleled flexibility and simplicity in a full-function RAID solution.
EMRL enables Adaptec's ZCR controllers to leverage the server platform's on-board SCSI channels, providing OEMs with an exceptionally cost-effective way to migrate from SCSI to full-featured RAID, with the flexibility of an add-in card.
To accelerate the adoption of EMRL and its ZCR controllers, Adaptec has initiated a complete design review of early OEM implementations, and is providing full functionality and compatibility testing.
Adaptec's own EMRL technology (Embedded RAID Logic) allows the 2005S to take advantage of the server platform's on-board SCSI channels.
EMRL requires no special wiring of standard PCI connectors and uses a minimum number of PCI interrupt lines from the on-board SCSI device.