EMROEastern Mediterranean Regional Office (World Health Organization)
EMROEducational Media Reviews Online (Internet database)
EMROEuropean Media Research Organisations (est. 1960; Danikon, Switzerland)
EMROEffective Microorganisms Research Organization (various locations)
EMROElectromagnetic Radiation Operation(al)
EMROEmergency Management and Response Office
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EMRO is a non-profit organisation takes cats from the streets and provides them a shelter to live in with food, vaccines, and creature comforts.
In 1992, he joined EMRO as Regional Adviser for Noncommunicable Diseases.
There is discrepancy between EMRO countries regarding the acceptance of family planning.
Till recently, Pakistan was responsible for nearly 75 per cent cases of polio in the EMRO region of WHO.
and Detroit refineries; and Springfield, Ohio, EMRO (non-Marathon brands) subsidiary operations headquarters.
In EMRO Marketing, the use provision was viewed as restrictive.
The study is a regional situation analysis of NCD integration into the primary health care systems of countries in the WHO EMRO region as well as five indepth country case studies covering Pakistan, Iran, Jordan, Morocco and Oman.
This annual gathering enables building of a productive dialogue between EMRO Headquarters and member countries in the region.
EMRO Vaccination Week is meant to protect all people at risk against vaccine-preventable diseases.
The Ottawa Charter helped put in place this approach, which has blossomed in Canada and around the world as Healthy Schools, Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Markets in Asia and Africa, Healthy Communities in Canada, Healthy Villages in EMRO, Healthy Municipalities in PAHO and Healthy Cities in Europe.
The periodontal profile from the EMRO states that 71 percent of 15- to 19-year olds surveyed had calculus, while only 18 percent of this same age group had no periodontal disease involvement (1986).