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EMRSElectronic Medical Record System
EMRSEuropean Materials Research Society
EMRSEmergency Management Response System (US FEMA)
EMRSEnhanced Media Resource Server (Lucent)
EMRSEmergency Medical Radio Service (FCC)
EMRSEngineering Management Reporting System (NOAA)
EMRSEuropean Maritime Reporting System
EMRSEmergency Medicine Research Society
EMRSElectromagnetic Radiation System
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In contrast, EMRs have operating lifetimes typically less than a few million operations while reed relays can last for a few hundred million operations.
There is a persistent risk that EMRs do not tell the whole story; worse, they may fabricate treatment narratives to unlawfully inflate reimbursements.
EMRs are a federal mandate included in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the "Stimulus Act." The Act's financial and clinical costs have been borne by doctors and patients.
Unlike traditional health systems, the specialty market was not incentivized by the federal government under the America Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009, which designated $20 billion for emergency medical record (EMR) programs.
Results: Both the test-HMS and new-HMS had a statistically significant effect in improving quality of EMRs. A statistically significant variation was also observed among EMR quality of individual fields irrespective of the software being used.
Putting aside the legal jargon of the rule, the real points of contention that arise with EMRs are the contemporaneous requirement (subpart A above) and the indicia of trustworthiness requirement (subpart E above).
A broad new frontier in expanding and improving EMRs, MDx combines the best in genomics (the study of all the genes in a cell or organism), and proteomics (the study of all proteins).
EMRs are mechanical based and have moving parts, making them highly susceptible to magnetic noise, vibration, shock, and other outside influences that can affect wear and life cycle.
Royal Philips, a global leader in health technology, has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with VPS Healthcare, one of the Middle East's largest healthcare groups, to install its Tasy EMR in all its hospitals and clinics throughout the UAE, Oman and India.
InAssist leverages advanced algorithms to integrate EMR data with other data sources in order to assess and surface care gaps, risk scores, disease registries, clinical documentation gaps, and other relevant information available for a patient.
Unlike the disjointed, jargon-filled EMRs of today, medical records should read like a book.
An ICA can aggregate historic and referenceable patient data from a wide range of applications--among hospital departments or external healthcare orgarazations--making that data available to the EMR alongside its current information to inform more accurate decision-making.